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Asociación de la Industria Fotovoltaica

  • Servicios Solingenia | 100% Renewable Solutions


    At Grupo Solingenia we have been working with this technology for years and taking advantage of the solar energy for different uses. Although the first important applications were for the electrification of isolated houses, pumps, etc, network connection has been the driving force behind this technology, allowing for an exponential growth in manufacturing capacity and installed power.

    Grupo Solingenia has more than 6 MW installed, in more than 45 different installations throughout Spain and the majority of them ar concentrated in the Autonomous Community of Aragón.

    We take care of the paperwork for the pertinent administrative procedures in order to set up any photovoltaic project.

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  • Servicios Solingenia | 100% Renewable Solutions


    At Grupo Solingenia we take care of your installations by providing you with the best quality service and the best means in the sector.

    At Grupo Solingenia we offer you three types of Maintenance:
        1.- Basic Maintenance.
        2.- Complete Maintenance.
        3.- Total Maintenance.

    Grupo Solingenia always provides the possibility of offering the client made-to-measure maintenance, which will be studied and offered on an individual basis.


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