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  • Servicios Solingenia | 100% Renewable Solutions

    Servicios Solingenia | 100% Renewable Solutions

    Servicios Solingenia | 100% Renewable Solutions


    A system that avails of Photovoltaic Solar Energy takes advantage of incident radiation from the sun to generate electrical energy of some determined conditions. This electrical energy is a continuous current at 12 or 24 V that we will later have to condition for later use in the electrical appliances we need to power. This transformation is necessary because the most usual installation charges need an alternating current at 230 V and a frequency of 50Hz. The use of renewable energies avoids the use of fuels, therefore creating a substantial decrease in conventional energy costs and the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions.

    In addition to its transformation into electrical energy it is also very useful for supplying homes that are difficult to access or where installing a connection to the electricity network is too expensive. Once set up, these installations provide us with free electricity, and if there is a generator installed this allows us to improve our living conditions by eliminating noise, fuel smells and equipment maintenance.

    Grupo Solingenia , throughout its professional trajectory, has carried out numerous installations of isolated systems, energy supplying homes, rural houses, water pumps, farms, agricultural warehouses and even industrial companies.

    We make a continuous effort to cover our clients' requirements with maximum quality and satisfaction.

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